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travellers tales

We are currently looking for stories about your holiday and travel experiences – good or bad.

It does not have to be travel abroad; journeys within the UK can be just as perilous and exciting as foreign travel. Share your anecdotes and those that we print will be entered into our prize draw.

Let us and our readers know about where you went and what happened. And any special tips for specific destinations. One friend told us how important it is to take soft toilet rolls when you travel to Iceland for instance!

Please do send us your pictures, places to visit, anecdotes and advice for other readers to

We received these recent letters from Mature Times readers:

A salutary tale

My brother has always been a traveller, both him and his wife love their holidays abroad. In 2014 they booked for a three week holiday in Icmeler in Turkey, they had been to the area several times and knew it well. He has always been a stickler about his holiday insurance making sure that he declares everything and paying the going rate to insure if anything goes wrong he is covered whilst away from Britain.

How glad he was on 21st June 2014 when after a stroll and a leisurely lunch they headed back to the hotel, Maureen his wife decided to stay around the pool area while he went upstairs to change into his swim shorts. He started to strip off when he felt a sort of wave travelling down his body on the left hand side, he’d had a TIA years before and recognised it as a Stroke, he made a lunge for the bed and the room telephone but unbeknown to him the system was out of action.

He lay there screaming for help on the third floor until his wife, who thought he’d been a long time arrived to see him and of course the whole emergency thing kicked off.

He was taken to Ahu Hastanas hospital in Marmaris a 15 minute journey and on arrival was taken straight into the main area. This is the time you are grateful for taking out the proper cover with the holiday insurance company. He was treated there for three weeks in which time the insurance people were in constant touch and flew out an English doctor to take control of the situation. He arranged when given the all clear for the flights back to the UK.

Since that fateful day life has never been the same, on the 12th August he left hospital for a rehab unit in Sheffield,  on day 90 he left the rehab unit for home after which upon arriving there were a few tears but glad to be home.

The total cost of treatment including transfers from Turkey to the UK and all expenses has been estimated at around £80,000 – £100,000 – it pays to be properly insured.

Travelling companion

Reading your article “Travelling Solo – it is not that daunting” brings back many varied memories for me. When I travelled to Mexico , mainly solo, mainly by the excellent bus services, with limited knowledge of this huge, amazing country and it’s people, and speaking very little Spanish!

I encountered bandidos, the army, the policia, border control and immigration, all adding to the excitement of trying to avoid the BBC World News!

I worked as a wedding planner assistant, sold diamonds and tanzanites to Americans from the cruise ships, did a crash course on Tequila and mescal, acted as tour operator, sold timeshare, helped in an orphanage, jointly set up a dog rescue and re-homing shelter, then married a Mexican!

​Mexico, and it’s millions of people are amazing. Friendly, accommodating, hard working and eager to learn.

I could accompany you as a companion/carer, or could help with wedding planning; or just pass on any knowledge I have, that would help you on your amazing journey email to get in touch with me.